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The complete guide: Upgrade from Hipchat Cloud to Stride

All the deets you need to upgrade from Hipchat Cloud to Stride.

It takes just 3 steps...


Get your invite


Schedule a time


Hit your stride

Get your Stride invite

We'll be inviting Hipchat Cloud teams to upgrade to Stride over the next few months. If you're an admin of a Hipchat Cloud team, keep an eye out for an email coming from yours truly inviting you to schedule your upgrade to Stride.

Once invited, we'll give you all the information you need to get your upgrade started and let your teammates know.

Schedule a time to upgrade

Next, you'll just need to schedule a time to upgrade. We'll do all the heavy lifting for you—your Hipchat teammates, rooms, chats, and files will be there waiting for you in Stride. All you have to do is choose a date and time that works best for your team.

After scheduling, we'll email your teammates letting them know about the upgrade and giving them the information they need to prepare. We'll also give everyone a reminder both one day and 30 minutes beforehand. Use these moving day posters to get your whole office ready.

Hit your stride!

When your upgrade time comes, just head into your Stride app, and log in with the same credentials you used for Hipchat. Every conversation you had and file you shared will be there waiting for you.

And of course there will be new things to explore. When you're ready, try out Actions and DecisionsStride Meetings, and Focus Mode. These are just some of the new things we've been cooking up. Check out all these new things you'll ❤️ in Stride.

FAQ: Upgrading to Stride

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Please see the following FAQ pages:

How will my team be informed about moving to Stride?

Your Hipchat team administrator will be notified by email as soon as we are ready for you. You will have the opportunity to schedule your move to Stride, or just let us do the planning. It's up to you! If you don't think you're the right person to move your team, please contact our support team.

Do existing Hipchat Cloud users need to sign up for the early access program?

No, you do not. We’ve already saved your place in line to upgrade your team from Hipchat to Stride, and we'll send your admin an email when we're ready for you.

Can I demo Stride before upgrading my team from Hipchat Cloud?

If you’re eager to try Stride before you’re invited to upgrade, feel free to create a new Stride team now! However, please use this as a sandbox environment as we will not be able to move any data from your Hipchat team over to that account, and your data from your sandbox account will not follow you when you upgrade from Hipchat.

How do I move my team from Hipchat Cloud to Stride?

To have the best experience, we'll send you an invitation via email to upgrade your team when the time is right. All of your rooms, teammates, files, custom emoticons, and message history from Hipchat Cloud will be in Stride waiting for you, just as you left it.

After your move, just log into Stride with the same credentials you used in Hipchat Cloud. You won't be able to use Hipchat Cloud for messaging, but you can continue to use it to get integration notifications while you get your apps installed and configured in Stride.

What information will be moved to Stride?

We'll move all of your teammates, rooms, files, custom emoticons, and message history over to Stride for you so your team won't miss a beat. We'll also send an email to your Hipchat Cloud teammates with information about your upcoming move and any resources they might need to get going in Stride as quickly as possible.

What information will not be moved to Stride?

Items that will not be moved over to Stride are audit logs, site avatars, and user preferences like @mention names. If you changed your profile picture in Hipchat, your avatar may be missing from migrated messages. Also, @mention names in migrated messages are not clickable.

If you have any other questions about your migration experience, please contact our support team.

Where does my team download new Stride apps?

Download apps on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android here.

What if I don't want to move my team to Stride?

We love Hipchat Cloud too—it has given us years of experience.

We built Stride with you in mind, including the features you love in Hipchat Cloud and so much more. In the future, all Hipchat Cloud teams will be encouraged to move to Stride.

What if I want to move back to Hipchat Cloud?

Starting soon, we will begin to upgrade all Hipchat Cloud teams to Stride. You are welcome to continue to use your HipCcat Cloud instance until you upgrade. After upgrading, Hipchat Cloud will remain in 'read-only' mode so that you can reference your API configuration in Hipchat Cloud and receive integration notifications for those apps that are not yet in Stride.

You will not be able to move your data back to Hipchat Cloud.

How can I export my Hipchat data?

We will make sure all your rooms, teammates, files, custom emoticons, and message history are moved to Stride. If you would like to download your Hipchat history data, reach out to our support team.

My Hipchat was set to only retain the last 75 messages. Why don't I see my conversation history in Stride?

Conversations move fast! If you have this retention setting, your conversation history will not be ported over from Hipchat, and you'll be able to start with a clean slate in Stride.

I am an admin of a Jira or Confluence Cloud instance. Should I also expand to Stride?

Advantages of expanding to Stride include shared user bases across products for simplified user management, shared billing for one-stop payment info, and the ability to administer all your products from the same admin portal. Your admin capabilities for Stride will match what you can do for Jira/Confluence Cloud. 

How do I expand my Jira or Confluence Cloud instance with Stride if I am upgrading my team from HipChat Cloud?

When you upgrade your team from Hipchat Cloud to Stride, you can select any Jira or Confluence Cloud instance for which you are an admin during the upgrade process. You can then expand that instance with your Stride instance. 

What if I want my Stride and Jira or Confluence Cloud instances to remain separate?

You can do that! If you are upgrading from Hipchat Cloud to Stride, you can upgrade to a standalone instance during the upgrade process.

I am on an annual billing plan on Hipchat. Can I do that on Stride?

Stride currently only supports monthly billing, but annual plans will be available soon! You can upgrade to Stride now with monthly billing, and then switch to an annual plan when it becomes available.