Stride brings video chat & calling to all teams, for free

Many teams rely on video meetings to stay connected, and yet they’ve never quite felt like a friend. The pain of downloading new apps or plugins. The effort to organize how and when to meet. The attempt to find an affordable but quality solution. The puzzle that is figuring out how to invite people outside your company. It’s enough to make you dread the word meeting.

No more. We built Stride Meetings to solve for all of these issues. Stride Meetings are baked right into Stride, providing an easy but powerful solution to video conferencing. Say “goodbye” to the days of bouncing between apps and services to connect to teammates. With Stride, your entire team communication needs are met — in one place.

Best of all, video conferencing and video calling are completely free. Advanced features like remote desktop control and screen sharing are a part of Stride Standard ($3/user/month). Learn more about Stride pricing.

Stride Meetings include:

  • Group and 1-to-1 video chat (free)
  • Group and 1-to-1 voice calling (free)
  • Group and 1-to-1 screen sharing
  • Remote desktop control
  • Invite people in or out of your Stride team (free)
  • Google Calendar Chrome extension (free)
  • Schedule meetings in advance and add to calendar invites (free)

Group video chat right from your chat rooms

Gather teammates face-to-face in an instant by starting a group video chat from any Stride room or direct message. Talk it out with up to 20 people (in or out of your Stride team). It’s the virtual version of spinning your chair around to flesh out an idea with your teammates.

Of course, if you’re camera-shy (or *ahem* just stepped out of the shower), it’s easy to disable your own camera or mute yourself at any point.

If you’d like to follow along with a meeting while working on other things, no worries. Stride Meetings will automatically give you a popup meeting preview once you click out of the meeting screen. This way you can see and hear what’s going on while while checking in on the data someone just mentioned.

Get on the same page with screen sharing

Sometimes showing is easier than telling. When that’s the case, click one button to share your screen or window with your meeting participants.

Stride screen sharing is a great tool for giving presentations, showing designs or mockups, walking through instructions, or discussing documents.

Take the reins with remote desktop control

When showing isn’t enough, take the reins. Stride remote desktop control lets you take control of another participant’s desktop screen.

Remote desktop control is a lifeline when you’re having issues with a computer setting or service you use. Anyone with the know-how can simply take over control, work their magic, and hand back the reins.

Invite anyone to join (anyone)

There are always times you need to pull other people into a discussion, and Stride makes it super simple to invite anyone you need.

And we mean anyone — invite people in or outside of your Stride team. They don’t even need to have a Stride account. Invite people by sharing the meeting’s distinct invite URL or phone number, calling their phone, or including on a calendar invite.

Add Stride Meetings to Calendar invites

Stride Meetings are not just great for impromptu conversations but can be used as a full-functioning video conferencing solution for your entire company or team.

Using the Stride Meetings Chrome extension, you can plan meetings as far in advance as you’d like. Once installed, you’ll see a button to add a Stride Meeting in your events. With one click, you’ve set up your meeting. Your teammates or anyone else can join however they need via URL or phone number. No muss, no fuss.

Stride is completely free for unlimited users. Sign up today!