Standup Bot keeps remote teams in sync

If you’re on a remote team, we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend: Standup Bot for Stride. Standup Bot is the super secret weapon for major productivity for distributed and agile teams everywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a sick day or working from the couch, Standup Bot records your team’s daily standup and reports it whenever you want, right in Stride.

Created by our friends at Nearsoft, Standup bot takes full advantage of Stride’s sidebar — surfacing any and all team blockers at a glance.

And submitting your personal standup report is super easy. Just click on your Standbot tab in the right sidebar and choose Send status.

You’ll be asked what you’ve accomplished since your last standup and what you’ll be working on today. You can also express if you have any blockers that the team should know about.

Catch up on your team’s work

Standup Bot goes the extra mile to keep your team informed with searchable reports. Whether you’re returning to work from the kid’s spring break or finally breaking through the cold medicine fog, you can search for past reports by date.

Just click See report in your Standbot tab to get the full scoop on what your teammates are working on.

Standups are a cinch

Setting up Standup Bot is just as easy. Click the link below to connect Standup Bot to any Stride team chat. You can use it in your room or every room; it’s totally up to you. Just choose your ideal time, set your timezone, and choose which days your team works.

As you command, Standup Bot takes over from there. Every day at the time of your choosing Standup Bot will collect updates from every member your Stride room.

Team communication has never been easier, even if you’re “under the weather” but really shopping for records. (Your secret is safe with us.)