Spread the love with Bonusly for Stride

Recognition is one of the key practices that companies can adopt to improve their culture, boost employee engagement, and foster a work environment characterized by happiness, motivation, and purpose. Unfortunately, in a lot of organizations, recognition is given infrequently and only by managers. Enter: Bonusly. With its fun and intuitive platform, Bonusly empowers all employees to give meaningful recognition to everyone on the team.

And now giving recognition is easier than ever with the Bonusly app for Stride.

Make recognition a habit in Stride

While we can all rally around the idea of a recognition and rewards program that’s fun and personal, the fact is, we already use a lot of tools to get our work done. Introducing yet another new software to the lineup can feel daunting.

You don’t want recognition to disrupt employees’ workflows and take them away from important projects. That’s why using Stride’s Bonusly Bot is the perfect solution.

As your team collaborates and communicates about their projects in Stride, they can recognize one another right where they are. Users get to redeem their earned Bonusly points for gift cards, cash, charitable donations, or custom rewards their company has set up.

Because Stride’s Bonusly Bot makes recognition easy and immediate, frequent and positive recognition will become part of your team’s daily routine. It’s a simple way to make sure everyone’s feeling appreciated.

Nolte, a development company in Mexico City, recently started using Bonusly through Stride and have noticed a difference in the interactions between team members.

“Aligned with our culture and values, Bonusly helps improve our communication among the entire team,” said Gabriela Suarez of Nolte, “and that’s a great benefit for us. Half of our team works remotely, so Stride has become the all-in-one communication tool for everyone to stay connected. Adding Bonusly to Stride allows us to acknowledge and reward incredible work.”

Spread the word about great work

An added bonus of the Bonusly app is that the whole team can see the great work that others are doing—without having to seek it out. Because the Bonusly Bot makes all recognition public, when everyone hears about the valuable contributions being made across the team, they’ll get a better idea of what your organization values, how their teammates are supporting the success of the company, and what they can do to build on that success.

The Bonusly app also lets you know when someone has earned a new bonus achievement and if your teammates are donating their Bonusly points to nonprofits, helping everyone stay engaged.

Get recognition flowing in minutes

Getting started with Bonusly and Stride takes less than ten minutes. If you don’t have a Bonusly account yet, start your free 30 day trial. You can explore all of Bonusly’s features and activate the Bonusly Bot in Stride to see how it works.

Once you have a Bonusly account, click the link below to connect Bonusly to any Stride team chat. You can use it in a dedicated recognition room, a general team conversation room, or multiple rooms. To give a bonus, just message the Bonusly Bot. It will automatically announce new bonuses and relevant activity in your chosen room.