Re:amaze brings collaborative customer service to Stride

Guest post from Marvin J. Strauss, Head of Customer Experience at Re:amaze.

When the words “Customer Service” are mentioned, people always think of conversations between a business and its customers. But behind the scenes are countless internal conversations between teammates on how to best serve any particular customer.

The inherent need to collaborate exists in all businesses functions, and customer service is no exception. For example, when a customer needs technical help an agent can’t answer, their first intuition is to ask a teammate for assistance. In that sense, Stride and Re:amaze are made for each other. Today, it’s easier than ever with the Re:amaze app for Stride.

Re:amaze is a help desk and customer messaging platform designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. eCommerce businesses, web apps, and other SaaS businesses especially rely on Re:amaze for multi-channel customer service through a shared inbox, live chat, real time monitoring, and FAQs. Re:amaze is dedicated to becoming the premier third party customer support platform for the Atlassian ecosystem, starting with Stride.

Meet Re:amaze for Stride

If your team is anything like ours at Re:amaze, everyone does customer service. That also means not everyone is staring at the shared inbox designed to consolidate email, social media message, SMS messages, and live chat messages.

However, we are all using Stride.

Being on Stride all day means being able to collaborate easily. And having details about a customer message such as its resolution state, who its assigned to, and other relevant details mean internal teams can discuss any particular issue in the safe confines of a Stride room.

And when you or teammates are ready to reply, simply click on the Re:amaze notification, and you’ll be taken directly to the conversation.

Getting Re:amaze added to your Stride account is as easy as connecting our app from the Atlassian Marketplace. Pick which conversation you want to add Re:amaze to, and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Never Lose Track of Another Conversation

Consolidation is now easier than ever. Re:amaze’s multi-brand capable platform means you can manage customer service for more than one app, website, or brand using one Re:amaze account.

Once Re:amaze is enabled for Stride, you can configure each brand to map to a different Stride conversation. Messages belonging to a particular email channel, social channel, or live chat channel will be routed seamlessly to the right Stride teams.

Taking Customer Service Further

As we always say, better conversations = happier customers. But in order to have better conversations, there’s always a tool like Stride to make conversations more fluid, discussions more streamlined, and decision making more efficient. Give it a try!