PagerDuty brings real time incident response to Stride

When launching Stride’s partner ecosystem, we had the chance to work closely with partners like GitHub, Salesforce, and Jira to super-charge your teams workflow. Today, we’re excited to share the newest heavy-hitter to Stride’s ecosystem: PagerDuty.

PagerDuty is a long-time Atlassian partner helping teams run a more efficient ChatOps practice. Any team that pushes code knows that a ChatOps process can keep their team aligned and their stakeholders abreast of incident status.  What makes ChatOps so effective is that everyone knows what everyone else is doing—transparent communication leads to faster resolution.

TL;DR – right in Stride’s sidebar

When sh!t hits the fan, incident support teams, and concerned executives, swarm in a dedicated Stride team chat room. As the chat room floods with graphs, logs and workaround ideas new teammates (often waking up around the globe) need a succinct way to get up to speed on incident status. That’s where PagerDuty’s use of Stride’s sidebar comes into play.

PagerDuty nests the most current incident details right in Stride’s sidebar. Anyone who enters the room gets a snapshot view of the “what,” “how,” and “who” of any incident.

The verbose conversations related to the incident happen in the room, while the active incident in the sidebar contains the summarization of impact, events, key decisions, and actions that have been taken.  Incident Managers can even acknowledge and resolve incidents right from their Stride room.

Stride as the source of truth

No one wants incidents to happen, but everyone wants them resolved ever-faster. That’s where the chat log as a source-of-truth comes in. It’s a ready-made transcript of the entire incident, perfect for post-incident review and root cause analysis. That’s where Stride’s actions and decisions can take your ChatOps to the next level.

Stride actions are the simplest way to track who did what, when. These historical records are critical to a robust Post-Incident-Review (PIR). Stride allows you to highlight text and immediately convert it into a decision.

Get it now

Take your ChatOps to the next-level by adding the PagerDuty app to Stride.