New GitHub app for Stride — git it now.

If you’re a dedicated GitHub user, have no fear, Stride has your back. The new GitHub app for Stride has arrived and is ready to add to any conversation.

With our new GitHub app for Stride, teams can get a first hand look at their code repository without leaving the conversation. With a few clicks, your team can chat about project statuses, put out fires, triage bugs, and maybe even dream up some new ideas.

We’ve streamlined a lot of the processes, so no more flipping to different windows to check statuses. Instead, the team can chat about pull requests, commits, releases, starting a repository, comments, whatever — and all right in any Stride conversation. Once you’ve configured the GitHub app, updates will automatically appear in conversation.

Set the parameters of what information you want to receive in a chat room — or set up a new Stride room specifically for GitHub updates, so everyone can scroll through and get up to speed on every update or pull request.

Subscribe and save (your sanity)

Teams running their ChatOps practice in Stride prioritize signal over noise. That’s why we make it dead-simple to configure granular alert subscriptions for each room and each repo.

Subscribe and update any room to whatever and however many repositories as you want. Installing the GitHub app is simple. Head to the Marketplace tab in the right sidebar and search for GitHub to install it. Connect your existing GitHub repo to your Stride room and within minutes, you can see what’s moving inside.

The GitHub app will be waiting for you like an old friend, right in your sidebar, next to your other apps. Set it and forget it like they used to say in the old infomercials. That’s it. Happy coding!