Introducing Jira Cloud for Stride!

Whether shipping software, managing a help desk, or executing a project, Jira Cloud helps thousands of teams plan and track work together. This powerful tool is now even more venerable with the Jira app for Stride.

By bringing your task and project management to where your team is already communicating—Stride—you’ll be even more connected and productive.

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Never Miss a Beat

When you’re running a big project, it’s hard to keep track of every little thing, but luckily the Jira app makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Use the Jira Cloud app (which supports Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core) to take on even your biggest, hairiest projects by connecting your Jira projects to your Stride conversations.

Each time a ticket is changed, Jira will send an update to the Stride room of your choosing. Everyone is automatically notified without having to check your Jira project board.

And when there’s a project update that requires more discussion, your team is in the right place. Move your conversations out of the comments section of your Jira ticket and into a Stride team chat room or video conference. That way you can come together for a chat convo or face-to-face video meeting and reach decisions quickly.

Take action from Stride

Even create new Jira tickets right from any Stride room or chat.

Just mention Jira in your conversation, and tell it to create a new ticket. You’ll immediately see the ticket in your Jira instance.

Setting Up is a Breeze 💨

And of course, you can customize the updates you want sent from Jira to your Stride room. You decide if you want your Stride room to be updated when when a ticket is moved, a new issue is created, an assignee is updated, or someone leaves a comment.

Maybe you want updates for all the things! The choice is yours.

Jira provides the project structure and tracking you need and Stride gives your team a space to talk through challenges and decisions that require more context. Together, they are the collaboration powerhouse you need do your best work.

Check out the Jira Cloud app for Stride — it’s free and works for Jira Software, Jira Core, and Jira Service Desk.

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