Fresh out the oven—everything new and noteworthy in Stride

Some like it hot. So we’ve been cooking up delicious, new features and improvements for you to enjoy. Just in case you’ve missed them, here’s a full wrap up of all the big and little new things you’ll love.

Your conversations, your way

Stride now comes with better ways to organize your chat list. Choose from customizable options like:

  • ⭐ Star your favorites
    Keep your most important conversations on top by starring them.
  • 👯 Rooms + Direct Messages together 
    Combine your rooms and direct messages in one list to make for easy browsing or keep them separate if that’s more your speed.
  • 💬 Sort by recency
    Choose to have conversations rise to the top of your list whenever there’s new activity, making it easy to keep up with what’s important.
  • 🔤 Sort alphabetically
    More of an A to Z person? Opt to sort things alphabetically so you can cross your t’s and dot your i’s.
  • 🤠 Choose your own adventure 
    Now you can move your chats around in any order you’d like — just drag and drop!
Adjust your settings from the ⚙ in the Stride sidebar at anytime.

No message left behind with mark as unread

If you’re not quite ready to respond to a message, you can come back to it later by clicking the three dots and choosing “Mark as unread.”

No time to respond right now? No problem. Keep calm, mark as unread and carry on.

Get to your last read message in a flash

Catch up from exactly where you left off in a conversation. Just click the blue “Unread messages” banner in any room or chat to get zapped to the past. Time travel never looked so good 😎

You’ve got (e)mail

If you ❤ email, then we’ve got you covered. Based on the personal preferences you’ve set up in Stride, you can now opt to receive emails when:

  • 👯 Someone direct messages you
  • 🔔 Someone mentions you personally in a room
  • 🚨 Someone mentions @all in a room

Sharing just got easier

See something outside of Stride that you just gotta share with your team? In just one tap (okay, two) on your mobile device, you can share anything that strikes your fancy — be it picture, gif, screenshot — straight into a Stride room or directly with a teammate.

An app ecosystem that’s growing like wildfire 🔥

Stride is growing the number of apps to improve your workflow. We’ve partnered directly with the apps you already know and love (like Github, GIPHY, and Jira) as well as scrappy brands with transformative ideas on how to help your team work smarter. See all available apps and bots.

Explore the 25 new apps for Stride in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Not sure where to start?

  • Talent teams are loving how Drafted makes it easy to share and discuss potential candidates right in a Stride room.
  • IT teams are reporting and triaging bugs faster with
  • DevOps teams are monitoring stack health with LogicMonitor and Amazon SNS.
  • Support teams are closing the loop on customer communications with Reamaze.
  • Sales teams are closing opportunities faster with Salesforce.

One-click scheduling with Stride Meetings

With the Stride Meetings Chrome extension, you can schedule your meeting right within Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Once installed, you’ll see a button to add a Stride Meeting in your events. In one click, you’ve got your meeting on the books. Your teammates or anyone else can join however they need via shareable URL or phone number.

Stride Meetings has a new look and feel

We’ve also made small improvements to the Stride Meetings experience that will make a big difference in all of your video calls. Now it’s easier than ever to invite teammates or people outside of your Stride team.


Switch between Stride teams in a snap

All of your Stride teams are now only a click away! Seamlessly toggle between Stride teams that are associated with the same email address, making it a little easier to keep in touch with all the important people in your work life.

We hope you dig these new updates! Ready to try ’em out? Log in to Stride now, or sign up for a new team.