GIF this, then that with GIPHY & Tenor

We write and read all day long so expressing ourselves without words often feels like a beautiful vacation from the endless wall of text. That’s why we all ❤ things like emojis and GIFs.

Even in our work environments, it’s okay to lean into that sentiment. Substituting a GIF for words is not only a way to communicate your feelings but also bring levity to your work day (and create a smile or two).

The new GIPHY app and Tenor app in Stride make this a blissful reality.

and Tenor app in Stride make this a blissful reality.

GIPHY at your fingertips in Stride

Nothing feels more satisfying than finding the perfect GIF for the moment. Even in the midst of a serious talk, it can add energy to your conversation. The GIPHY app in Stride is a perfect go-to for these times.

Add GIPHY to any room or chat, and you’ll be feeling the gratGIFification. There are two ways to take advantage of GIPHY in Stride:

1. Mention @giphy with a keyword or phrase, and let GIPHY do the work. The app will send a GIF to your room based on your request.

2. For a more predictable approach, head to the GIPHY app in the right sidebar and search for anything. You choose what you want to send.

Go on — get GIPHY with it.


So, you’ve found your GIF power. But what if you could take it to the next level? Say…Meme it? Yep, Tenor’s got you covered.

With Tenor, you can search for and share GIFs as well as meme-ify them.

Tenor even lets you choose the level of NSFW (not safe for work) GIFs you allow. You can go from R-rated to PG-13 or keep it G, whatever the culture of the company is, you can filter whatever you wish.

When you’re obsessed with GIFs, Tenor isn’t short on what’s trending, but also keeps the classics on close standby. There’s plenty to choose from.

Both Tenor and GIPHY have distinctive personalities. Try both apps out and see what feels natural for your team. You keep doing great work, and we’ll keep finding new ways to help keep the team entertained. Besides, who doesn’t love goat GIFs?

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