Get started on Stride in 3 easy steps 🚀

If you’re new to Stride, welcome! We’re super excited to have you aboard. Stride is easy to use and set up, so don’t worry about reading tons of boring instructions. Just do these three steps, and you’re good to go!

Coming from Hipchat? Check out our Upgrading Guide for more info. If you’re on Hipchat and would like to upgrade to Stride now, let us know.

Step 1: Get Stride apps on desktop & mobile 💬

First things first, make sure you download free Stride apps on all your devices. This way, no matter where you are you’ll have access to your team, messages, and meetings. You can respond to an urgent message from lunch, catch up from the airport, or join a meeting on the beach.

Use notification settings to decide exactly how you want to be alerted on each app. Turn off all notifications to keep the peace and quiet or turn them on for specific rooms to get all the details. Settings will sync across all your devices.

On desktop or web, click the settings gear in the bottom right corner of your app. There you’ll be able to choose exactly how you want to be notified. On mobile, click the menu icon in the top left, then Notifications.

Get your free Stride apps now!

Step 2: Create rooms 🏠

Now that you’ve got your apps, let’s create some rooms. Rooms are where people come together to talk and meet about anything at all — projects, tasks, plans for lunch, why dogs are our best friends — you get the idea.

We suggest you create rooms for teams, projects, and interests so conversations stay focused on the topic. Best of all, you can create unlimited rooms with unlimited teammates for free.

Create a room:

  1. Click + in the left sidebar or next to Rooms in the chat list, and choose to create a new room.
  2. Choose a room name. By default, rooms are open for anyone to join. To lock the room down for only people invited, click the box next to Private.
  3. Your room is now created! Invite some teammates to join by clicking Add people or just mention (type “@” plus their name) them in the room.

Invite more teammates anytime by mentioning them in the room or going to the Members tab in your right sidebar and clicking +.

Now that you’re hanging with your crew, check out sweet room features:

File, image & link sharing

Quickly share any file or image by drag-and-dropping them into rooms from your desktop.

You can also use the Media Services uploader by clicking the paperclip icon in the text input box. From there, you’ll be able to upload a file or find one through Dropbox and Google Drive. You’ll also see all your recent uploads.

Text formatting & editing

Stride makes it easy to express yourself just right. Bold (Command or Control + b), italicize (Command or Control + i), underline (Command or Control + u), or even add bullets (Option + 8) and number your messages.

You can even use markdown to keep the integrity of code you’re sharing. Just type three ticks (“`) and press enter. Add your code or text, and send!

Best yet, you can go back and edit or delete any messages you send, because, hey, we all make mistakes. Just click the three dots to the right of any of your messages, and click to edit or delete the message. Learn more about how to express yourself just right in Stride.

Emoji support 😍

Send fun emojis like ❤ or 🐻 by typing a colon then any letter (like :heart:), and you’ll see options populate. Or just click the emoji icon in your chat input bar and search or browse for options. 👍

Per-room notification settings

Not all rooms are created equal — some are simply more important than others. Adjust notification settings per room to increase volume on some rooms and quiet others.

In any room, click the bell icon in the top right corner. Choose between getting notified for all messages, just mentions (when someone mentions you, here, or all), or only when you are mentioned personally. These settings will persist across all your Stride apps.

Step 3: Explore Actions, Decisions & Meetings ✔

Do more with Actions & Decisions

One of the most helpful (and productivity-enhancing) features in Stride is the ability to mark messages as Actions or Decisions.

Chatting is a great way to talk with teammates in real time. But this “real-timeness” also makes it hard to keep up. If you’re gone for an hour, you can feel completely out of the loop when you return.

Actions and Decisions solve this problem, allowing you to isolate any message and mark it as an Action or Decision. These messages will all be saved under Highlights in your right sidebar to reference anytime. This way, everyone on your team has a bird’s eye view of what happened in any given conversation.

To create one, just click the three dots next to any message, and choose to make an Action or Decision. Or create one from your text input box by clicking the Action and Decision icons.

Meet whenever, wherever with Stride Meetings

Next, let’s explore Stride Meetings. Meet with teammates using video conferencing, voice calling, or screen sharing — from any device.

Start a meeting from any room or direct message by clicking the camera icon (on desktop, in your right sidebar, and on mobile, in the top right corner). Just choose how you want to meet, and with one click, you’re on your way.

No plugins, no installs, no separate apps needed. And best of all, video and voice meetings are completely free!

Now that you’ve done steps 1 through 3, you’re ready to get going on your own…no helmet required. Stride is free for unlimited users forever so no matter who joins your team, they’re welcome aboard!

Need help? Visit our Help Center, or reach out on Twitter!