Focus Mode: Silence the noise & boost productivity

At Stride, we don’t measure success by the number of messages you send or how long you chat. We measure it by the amount of work you get done. We designed Stride to help you and your team be more productive, and sometimes — even in a communication app — that means complete silence.

With Stride, the beautiful sound of silence is only one click away. Focus Mode will eliminate all distractions while also showing your teammates exactly what you’re working on. We call it “responsible focusing.” 😉

Find your focus

Sure, you can try to hack your way to focus — log off of Stride or put your whole computer onto DND (or put on your “blinders” and hope that a message doesn’t tempt you out of focus). But these days, it’s often expected that you are “online” or that teammates know what you’re doing.

That’s why Focus Mode isn’t just about silencing notifications but also about letting your teammates know what you’re up to. When you enter Focus Mode, you’ll add what you’re working on. This way, anyone who’s reaching out knows exactly why you’re not responding.

Not only does Focus Mode stop all your notifications, but it also saves your unread message badges until you’re back so those pesty distractions don’t tempt you (because, man, is it tempting to click every unread message).

Tips to get the most out of Focus Mode:

1. When setting your Focus Mode status, be specific. Think of it like sprint planning — you commit to particular, time-boxed activities while in Focus Mode. By being specific you convey the business value of being left alone.

2. Use Focus Mode to carve out family or alone time. Work-life balance is hard in a global company, but there are ways to give yourself that time you need to be a rounded person. Be sure to include when you’re available again in you status. “Family time: 6–9pm PST.”

3. Don’t be afraid to use it! We’re all guilty of feeling that ting of FOMO when we step away. But the great thing about Focus Mode is that everything will be right there when you return. Taking the time to concentrate and get into deep work is beneficial for you and your team — you’ll be more productive and that means you’ll be a better team player.

Let us know how you’re using Focus Mode to be more productive in the comments below or on Twitter!