Confluence Cloud app for Stride is a match made in Atlassian heaven

Atlassian’s Stride and Confluence sitting in a tree — K-I-S-S-I-N-G. These two lovebirds are now even more connected than ever with the new Confluence app for Stride.

Let’s be real, messaging is not the best place for a full form blog post, in-depth project review, or documentation — that’s where Confluence comes in. Confluence is an open and shared workspace that helps teams connect and stay organized. From product roadmaps to creative briefs, Confluence helps everyone collaborate on their long-form content.

The new Confluence Cloud app for Stride is the perfect way to connect your work in Confluence with conversations in Stride. By connecting specific Confluence spaces with Stride rooms, you can see Confluence page updates as they happen, in Stride.

How It Works

Add Confluence to your Stride conversations, and you will quite literally, be (receiving updates) on the same page. Just mention Confluence (@confluence) to add the app to any room. Then customize which Confluence sites and spaces you want to connect to Stride.

If you’re anything like our team, you might be working on ten different Confluence pages on any given day. In which case, you might not need to receive updates for all of your page changes.

Choose which alerts you want to receive when you setup your Confluence app; you can receive alerts when a blog or page is created, a page is updated, or someone comments on a page in your space.

Up and Running with the Confluence App 🏃🏻‍

All Atlassian products play nice with each other so your workflows are transparent and seamless. With the Confluence app in Stride, you’ll be aware of anything important that has happened in Confluence while you were gone, so catching up is a breeze.

Imagine the next time you’re reviewing your documentation as a team. You’ve completed your portion and updated the page, and, in a second, the Confluence app notifies your team that your content is ready for review. You won’t waste any time checking back to see if your team has reviewed your work. Once they’ve left comments and edits on the page, you’ll see an update in your Stride room, like magic. ✨

The Confluence app is a simple way to bring your content workflow to where you are already talking and meeting everyday — Stride.

Oh, and one last quick tip! If you ever forget which Confluence spaces are connected to your Stride room, just @mention the Confluence app and it will fill you in. 🙌

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