5 pro tips & tricks for the power user 💪

You’re chatting, you’re meeting, you’re—shall we say—Striding. Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s take it to the next level and put the “power” in “power user.”

1. Increase your app-titude

Stride apps, integrations, and bots

Stride is so much more than just team chat and video conferencing. It’s also your team’s hub for all new alerts and information from your other apps. Sick of constantly switching apps and tabs to make sure you’re not missing anything? Just connect your apps to Stride so all new updates come straight to you and your teammates. See all our available apps and bots.

Some of our most popular and used apps include:

2. Bot like it’s hot

Stride apps, integrations, and bots

What’s better than getting through a lot of hard work? Letting something else do it for you. Put some of the burden onto bots and let them help your team with tons of daily tasks.

Our favorites you should check out:

  • Alias: Set up “aliases” for groups of people in a room so you can mention them all with one name.
  • GIPHY: Spice things up by adding Gifs into the mix. Mention @giphy in a room or choose the Gif you want in the sidear.
  • Karma: Keep the good feels going by giving teammates karma points for work well done. Karma Bot will keep track of everyone’s points.
  • Standup: Perform daily standups with your teammates all over the world. Enter your standup report in a room and Standup Bot will record them all.
  • Polly: Settle any debate by creating and sharing polls in your room.

3. Make it pretty

Customize and personalize Stride settings, notifications, and text.

We’re “wording” all day long. Words, words, words. But when you can dress them up just a bit, you’ll not just be able to express yourself better but also kick monotony to the curb.

Bold, italicize, underline, or add bullet points and numbers to your text (plus more!). See all the options at your disposal in the chart below.

Maybe even better is the ability to edit or delete messages you already sent (because we’re human, darn it, and we all make mistakes).

Edit and delete your Stride messages.

4. Build your own Stride playground

Make Stride look and feel just as you like. There a lot of ways to do so.

Customize your chat list

Sort your Stride chat list.

Sort your chat list in any of these ways:

  • Star your favorites: Keep your most important conversations on top by starring them.
  • Rooms + Direct Messages together: Combine your rooms and direct messages in one list to make for easy browsing or keep them separate if that’s more your speed.
  • Sort by recency: Choose to have conversations rise to the top of your list whenever there’s new activity, making it easy to keep up with what’s important.
  • Sort alphabetically: More of an A to Z person? Opt to sort things alphabetically so you can cross your t’s and dot your i’s.
  • Choose your own adventure: Move your chats around in any order you’d like — just drag and drop!

Change per-room notification settings

Not all rooms are created equally, so amp up the noise on some and turn it down on others. Rooms you’re in will always default to sending you notifications when you are mentioned by name, @here, and @all are mentioned.

Set notification settings per each room you're in.

But you can also choose to get notifications for all new messages (say, for important rooms like a DevOps or Leadership room) or for only when you are mentioned (say, for Animal Lovers room).

Just click the bell in the top right corner of any room to change the settings.

Choose a new room avatar

Pick a room avatar in Stride.

Rooms are where your team comes to life. So make sure the aesthetics match your room style by adding a new room avatar. Choose from dozens of options—koala bear, anyone?

Just click on the current room avatar (at the top of your room) to choose a new one.

5. Emoji-fy your life

Now for the important stuff: emojis. We ❤️ ’em, we 🙌 ’em—they are our whole 🌎. 

So take the next step by creating your own—for an inside joke, for your dog, for your favorite food—whatever. It literally takes a few seconds. See how below.

Create your own custom emoji in Stride.

High five 👏, Striders! Now that you’ve upped your Stride game, share the ❤️ with your teammates. Or hog it all, and be the Stride wizard of your team 🔮

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