20 quick tips to Stride faster 🏃‍♀️

Sure, everyone loves a giant surprise party or a weekend getaway to the beach, but sometimes it’s the small things that make every day that much better. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite tips and tricks for Stride, because we know how the little things add up to big things. Before you know it, you’ll be surfing through Stride, not a cloud in sight. 🏄‍♂️

1. Formatting shortcuts menu

🥇 This is the first and probably more important tip. Reference many of the tips listed here by typing  or ctrl + / to see all the formatting shortcuts in Stride.

2. Edit messages, fast

✏️ Everyone makes mistakes every once in a while. To edit a message you just sent, just click the up arrow on your keyboard and the edit field automatically opens. Edit and click enter—it’ll be like it never happened.

3. Pull up the emoji list

😜 You don’t have to click the smiley face icon (🙂) to pull up emojis. Instead, just type a colon— : —and use the arrow keys to scroll. You’ll find your most recently used emojis at the top.

4. Create your own emoji

🎁 Speaking of emojis, you can create your own! Click the emoji icon (🙂) on your message bar, and click Add your own emoji. First, name your emoji; this is how you will search for the emoji later, so name it something catchy/memorable like :captainunderpants. Then choose the image (it can be a JPG, PNG, or GIF), save, and send your work of art to your team!

5. Shortcut to open a new chat

👟 Open up a new chat, fast! Just type + n for macs or ctrl + n for PCs to open a new message with a teammate.

6. Add an app

✨ No need to go to search for an app in the sidebar. If you know the one you want to add, just @mention the name of the app (i.e. @jira), and it will be added to your room, like magic 💫.

7. Annotate your images

🎨 You can write or draw on any image shared in Stride. Click on the paper clip icon in your message bar to pull up files that you’ve shared. Hover over a file in your Recent Uploads to see a small paintbrush icon. Click it to pull up the annotation options. Use arrows to make your point, blur out areas of the image, leave text feedback, and more!

8. Drag and drop files

📎 Alright, this one’s simple. Drag files from your desktop into the Stride window, and they will start uploading automatically!

9. Get meeting-ready

🙌 No one likes distractions during an important meeting. Quickly switch to Busy from your status bar, and new messages won’t pop-up on your screen while you present.

1.0 Choose your favorite convos

⭐️ Star your favorite rooms and direct messages to move them to the top of your conversation list. No more searching or scrolling required!

11. Track work, no mouse required

💥 Instead of clicking the actions or decisions icons in your message bar, create them simply by typing brackets or greater than/less than signs around your text, like this:

  • Actions = [Very important task] + space
  • Decisions = <The most decisive decision yet> + space

12. Formatting

🖍 There are plenty of ways to express yourself in Stride. Format your text using these simple keyboard shortcuts or markdown options:

  • Bold your text by typing ⌘ or ctrl + b or by typing two stars around the text, like this: **Be Bold**
  • Italicize your text by typing ⌘ or ctrl + i or by typing stars around the text, like this: *Moby-Dick*
  • Underline your text by typing ⌘ or ctrl + u
  • Cross out text by typing ⌘ or ctrl + shift + s or by typing two tildes around your text, like this: ~~scratch that~~

13. Quote

💬 Whether you’re quoting the joke your coworker shared yesterday or Albert Einstein, give those the credit they deserve––create a formatted quote by typing ⌘ or ctrl + alt + 9 or by typing > + space.

14. Code block

⚡️ Create an intact code snippet in Stride by typing ⌘ or ctrl shift + m or by typing three back-ticks, like this: “`roger roger“`.

15. Lists and bullets

✅ There’s always a need for a good list: grocery lists, to-do lists, lists of all the deserts you’ll get when you finish your to-do list 🍩. 

  • Create a bulleted list (bullet inception?) by typing ⌘ or ctrl shift + 8 or by typing * + space.
  • Create a numbered list by typing 1. + space or typing ⌘ or ctrl shift + 7.

16. Share room links

🔗 Want to send your coworker straight to a room? Click the ellipses at the top of a room to copy the room link and they’ll jump right into the room, no searching necessary. Keep in mind that this only applies for public rooms or private rooms that the recipient already has access to.

17. Share meeting links

📆 Once you start a meeting, you’ll see the option to grab a meeting link. Send it to anyone to add them to a meeting, even those outside your org. And when you want more security, add a password to the link so that only those special few can join.

18. Change your nickname

🤡 Your nickname should match your dazzling (or goofy) personality. Just click on the gear icon in the lower left corner to find your profile, click edit, and choose your new nickname, among other things. Are you a @mother_of_dragons or more of a @rainman? Anytime someone mentions you, using the @ symbol, they will use your nickname. 

19. Get everyone’s attention (or just those that are available)

📣 Next time you want to make sure your teammates see your message, instead of mentioning them each separately, throw out an @all and everyone in the room will be notified. If it’s not quite so important, maybe use @here to notify only the people that have listed their status as Available.

20. Granular search

🔎 Looking for that one file you sent 3 months ago? No problem––use our ‘search message history‘ and ‘browse files and links‘ options to filter and avoid sifting through all those messages. Click the search icon on the left side, and you’ll see these options at the bottom of the list.