10 new ways to work in Stride

You may have heard the good word —Stride is open to all! And by all we mean every person, robot and workflow now have a home in Stride. Driven by our mission to move your work forward, we’ve worked closely with partners to launch 20 new apps in Stride. This post covers the 10 new apps that bring some top-requested new capabilities to Stride.

Democratize decision-making

In the spirit of transparency and better happy hours we offer Polly — a friendly tool to make simple group decisions.


Polly is a simple polling tool that expedites decision-making in a group. Because, let’s be honest, it can be painful.

Install and run your first poll in under 10 seconds. Use polls to plan the right social outing, vote on clever headlines or agree on lunch.

Add Polly to Stride.

Get the team in line

Keeping tabs on who is working on what can be a challenge. That’s why we live for apps that help make order out of the occasional chaos.


Sometimes it feels impossible to remember everyone who needs to know about your latest product announcement, the newest version of your app, or exactly when it’s time to leave for lunch. The Alias Bot is here to help you.

Create aliases for teams or people working together on projects so getting their attention is easy.

Create an alias for a group of people so that any time you want to tell them something, you can swiftly mention everyone with one name.

Add Alias to Stride.


It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a sick day or working from the couch, Standup Bot records your team’s daily standup and reports it whenever you want, right in Stride. Standup Bot goes the extra mile to keep your team informed with searchable reports.

Learn more about Standup Bot or add it to Stride now.

Show the love

Your Stride team room is the perfect place to show your appreciation for a job well done. In fact, 66% of employees say they would quit if they didn’t feel appreciated at work.. Expressing gratitude takes many forms, and our partners offer 2 simple ways to make your teammates feel the love.

Karma bot

Karma bot is a simple tool to keep the love flowing.

Karma Bot lets you give (and take away) karma points to teammates in Stride rooms, and this wise bot will keep tally.

Learn more about Karma Bot or add it to Stride.


Bonusly is a fun, personal recognition and rewards program that enriches your company culture, improves employee engagement, and celebrates your core values.

With Bonusly, everyone in your organization can publicly recognize everyone else by giving small bonuses that add up to meaningful rewards. Your team will love giving recognition that is candid, social, and lets them express their unique personalities.

Add Bonusly to Stride.

Get together quicker

Scheduling meetings is the worst part of every person’s day. The great thing about working in Stride is that you’ve already got the attention of the whole team.

Outlook Calendar

Bring your team calendars right into Stride. With the new Outlook app, you can easily schedule team meetings when everyone is free and update the room if someone changes the conference room at the last minute.

Best yet, your whole calendar lives in your sidebar.

Never (uh-oh) miss a meeting again.

Add Outlook to Stride.

Share knowledge, freely

Great teams multiply the potential of every employee. Smart people waste hours every week searching for information. They don’t spend enough time sharing what they learned along the way. Obie is a bot that gets smarter over time and shares that knowledge across your organization.


Obie helps you access the knowledge and documentation you need no matter where it lives in your organization.

It plays especially well with Confluence Cloud but also scours Dropbox, Evernote and Box among other tools you use every day.

Add Obie to Stride.

Make Chat Fun Again

It can’t be all TPS reports and OKRs. Your team succeeds when they feel connected to one another. Atlassian is proud to be a company where every employee can bring their whole selves to work. It turns out that clumsy puppies and clips of cancelled television shows are core to modern adulting. And even though we dress like teenagers, we made sure Stride customers can set strict guidelines for the kinds of GIFs that feels right for your office culture.


What could be more fun than expressing our lives in gifs? We can’t get enough of it, that’s for sure. With the GIPHY app, you can spice up any conversation.

Either use the right sidebar to search for a gif and add it to your chat. Or leave it up to fate by mentioning the GIPHY bot with a keyword (like @giphy yay) and see what appears!

Add GIPHY to Stride.


Search across the most engaging and relevant GIFs on the internet.

Then meme-ify them to your heart’s content!

Add Tenor to Stride.

Break down the chat walls

Finally, we know Stride isn’t the right communcaition tool for every team. Every company and community has a preferred way to message each other. That’s why we’re happy to share a tool that connects Stride rooms to Slack channels.

Joint Rooms

Of course, we’d all love to live in a simple world — one where we use one tool for one purpose. But the truth is that many teams use various products for similar purposes.

If you’re one of the many teams using both Stride and Slack, use Joint Rooms to connect different channels & workspaces of Slack and Stride.

Explore them all

You can find all our apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Of course, you can’t get any of this goodness without a Stride account.

You’ll get all your Slack messages right in Stride!

Add Joint Rooms to Stride.

Explore them all

Check out all our of our apps and bots in our Marketplace. Of course, you can’t get any of this goodness without a Stride account, so sign up for free!